Who we are

At SimplyCarbon, we are passionate about sustainability and are actively working towards a low carbon future. We offer a range of technical expertise, bringing together people from a range of disciplines and professional backgrounds to assist your organisation in achieving its unique sustainability goals.


Dr Vanessa RaulandNess
BA Nature Tourism, MSc Environment and Resource Management – specialisations in energy & carbon management, PhD

Vanessa Rauland is a co-founding Director of SimplyCarbon and Research Manager at Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute (CUSP). Her research includes Decarbonising Cities, Low Carbon Schools and Innovative Financing and Governance for Green Infrastructure at the Precinct Level. She recently completed her PhD in the area of Low Carbon Urban Development, with a focus on certification.

Dr Samantha HallSam
B.Comm, M.Sc Sustainability Management, Dip. Project Management, PhD

Samantha Hall is a Co-Founder and Director of SimplyCarbon. She recently finished her PhD at Curtin university where she led a project for the Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre ‘Performance Assessment of Commercial Buildings’ project. Samantha has a corporate background working with companies in Australia and overseas. She also works in sustainability and policy for local government (City of Perth). Her specialities include green building (with a particular focus on health and productivity in the workplace) and pre and post construction and occupancy assessments of buildings to improve holistic performance.

3 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. I LOVE your site girls!
    There are many SME’s looking to take their businesses towards Carbon Neutrality, your Measure, Minimise and Manage strategies work…long term.
    Well done on your accomplishments thus far… will inform the network.Chi

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